Praça dos Sentidos – Primavera na Praça Project

Together with the Olga Santos Gallery was created the Praça dos Sentidos – Primavera na Praça Project, on the 25th May 2013, a contemporary fair with workshops, authorship works and products for sale at Praça da República, Oporto, Portugal.

This project was created in order to revitalize the site, a place characterized by the existence of great green space and several benches that support use in the city center of Oporto, but which nevertheless, is revealed as a crossing place and mostly used by individuals without shelter.

From this initiative, the artistic practice was used as a form of awareness in the public space with the possibility of establishing further exchange considerations. Four micro-projects were developed, ENGAGEMENT; MIL FOLHAS; MANANTE and MEU OUTRO TANTO, that sought to draw attention to the use of public space by the individual and the collective. The projects are based on the notions of Identity, Appropriation, Memory, Experience, Choreographic Object and Heterotopia.