[Entre] Paredes Project

The [Entre] Paredes Project was inserted into the Public Art Circuit of Paredes, Portugal and it was held between the 1st of June, 2013 until the 10th of June 2013 as a temporary installation.

This project aimed to propose a new vision of the city to the citizen. Through this project, the public was invited with images and stories, to participate actively in the life of the city by using the instruments they wanted or their imagination embraced, and display them in an act of citizenship in the public realm. The objective is to trigger the use of a public space, a wall, as a place of individual or collective reflection, personal or dialoguing, taking root on the conception of the right to expression, experiential aspect, opinion and sharing viewpoints. In contact with the wall (public space) the public is led to a world of symbols of their city, but also of their fellow citizens, towards a vision that can be portrayed as memories, feelings, wishes or criticism.

This project was developed within the objectives of the creative city and in particular the cultural dynamics of the city, with the intention to exalt the potential of such activities, stimulating the individual into other projects, other findings of the city, in other equity activities. My wish was that this project could bring an innovative and dynamic experience that could help citizens to raise their levels of social role for imagination builders of new proposals, new ideas, new doings in order to enrich their everyday scenario in the city. It was intended to be a discovery and a rediscovery of the individual and collective past, present and future of the city and citizens.